Visual scripting done well

Visual scripting has been the solution found by many industries to allow non technical profiles to create complex logics without the need of using code. Now it's time for the Fintech industry to step in.

Learn it in minutes

The visual scripting of FFLOW is not designed as a programming language. Instead, you represent your application in the same way you think about it.

Incredible Value

Use FFlow as SAAS, by subscribing, we take care of everything for you, servers, security and deployment.


Embed the FFlow engine in your system

Do you already offer a wonderful online financial service? Why not taking your product to the next level by offering your clients the ability to do virtually anything from whiting you app.

FFlow does not has heavy FE dependencies (like VUE or React), or require a super BE infrastructure, so its easy for your development team to integrate the FFlow engine in your system no matter your tech stack